Oftentimes Karan Johar trolled for being a little bit different from others which most of the people categorise him as a Gay, and the recent incident happened on twitter was an arena of above description about Karan. Here is a guy named Indian Sherlock on twitter came as trolled when Karan has been tweeted about other shits and later moved to badass reply to that troll

After this tweet, a troller or more over a self-proclaimed detective SHERLOCK tried to unearth the mystery and strike a deal with Karan Johar by tweeting this.

Then a series of tweets came out in support of Karan Johar and slammed that tweet in very sarcastic manner!

Praising Karan to not waste his time on these stupid tweets!

people love and support Karan more than he thinks!

Advise to just laugh and ignore

Aaah how can we forgot his film which he has driven out to us

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