Sushant Singh Rajput apparently fought with a driver last night (Pic Courtesy:

Sushant Singh Rajput should have known that at times one really needs to ‘pay’ for all the expensive things they buy in many ways. Even his fans and followers who might be furious at his recent road brawl would not know this. Here’s why we’re saying that….

Sushant Singh Rajput got involved in a road rage incident with a driver (Pic Courtesy:

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As per reports, on Thursday night, around 8pm, Sushant Singh Rajput was in the traffic of Mumbai’s Goregaon area. Just when, a car came in from the left side, tried to overtake the actor’s car and took a U-turn. At this, Sushant fumed and in a fit of rage, began to abuse the car’s driver. This incident of road rage did not end there.

Sushant has become infamous for his temper. He lost his calm at a reporter during the press conference of his recent film ‘Raabta’ (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

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Within the next few minutes, the cars of both — the driver and that of Sushant — stopped and now, the driver began to reply to Sushant by abusing him back. But this time, surprisingly, an angry Sushant did not abuse again. In fact, he began to record his video from his phone. A bulk of the junta present there had gathered around the car, and became mute spectators of this road rage. Social media has been loathing the actor for his unexpected behaviour with a driver. But nobody knows the reason why Sushant behaved that way.

Sushant Singh Rajout recently bought a Maserati Quattroporte and took rumoured girlfriend Kriti Sanon on a drive (Pic Courtesy: Facebook)

Sushant recently bought a brand new Maserati Quattroporte. This mean machine costs no less than a whopping 1.5-2.5 crores. Now, he was commuting in this brand new car on the Goregaon road last night. So, what will be the reflex of the owner of a car this expensive? He will off course, yell at anyone who poses a threat to his Maserati’s smooth shine. As the driver in question — with all his rash driving — could have scratched Sushant’s car, the actor could not contain his anxiety.

We understand. All expensive things come with a ‘cost’ of their own.

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