Salman Khan shares a funny moment
Salman Khan shared a funny jail incident at Tubelight trailer launch

At the trailer launch of Tubelight, Salman Khan shares a funny moment when his father and uncle visited him in jail.

Bollwood star Salman Khan had to even go to jail for few days and that was the toughest time for him and the Khan family. At the trailer launch of Tubelight, in presence of the media and the film’s crew, including Kabir Khan, Sohail Khan, Pritam, the actor was in the mood talk his heart out. During the media interaction session at Tubelight trailer launch, Salman shared a jail incident. He remembered the roughest time of his life – when he was sentenced to jail. Salman Khan shared a funny story about the most depressing phase of his life when he was in the jail.

Talking about the time, Salman said, “There was a time when my dad and mom and my uncle came to see me in jail, they asked how was it going…My dad smiled, uncle started crying and my dad told him, ‘Kaise pathan ho tum!’” From this, it is evident that Salman’s father was a pillar for him during the trying times that he has been through.

Salman Khan’s mother Salma Khan’s is credited as one of the producers of Tubelight. Referring to the same, the actor said, “We are here because of our parents. Agar maa ka naam bete ke pehle nahi aaya to kya faayda?”

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