Sanjay Dutt

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt has geared up for the release of his much-talked comeback film, Bhoomi. Sanjay Dutt was quite in the mood and talked for long with the media. On Saturday night, Sanjay Dutt threw a party to celebrate the wrap-up of his comeback film Bhoomi. While interacting with the media, the actor spoke about his film and also commented on KRK.

However, during the long course of interaction with the media outside the house, Sanjay Dutt also opened up about Kamaal Rashid Khan and said that he should be banned for his tweets. Kamaal Rashid Khan popularly known as KRK is known to be a terror on Twitter. The self-proclaimed critic has often landed up in soup for his unsavoury and disgusting comments just for the sake of limelight. “Media shouldn’t encourage individuals like Kamaal R Khan, who write things about stars on social media. In fact, you should ban him,” said angry Sanjay.

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