Shah Rukh Khan lashed out

We’ve hardly ever seen Shah Rukh Khan losing his temper, no matter how bad the situation is. Shah Rukh recently appeared on MBC’s Ramez Taht El Ard (Ramez Underground), a popular yet controversial show and did something that you never expected.  However, we came across this video of the actor in the sets of a show in Dubai, where Shah Rukh Khan lashed out at a prank show anchor.

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The incident took place on the sets of a prank show called Rameez Underground, where Shah Rukh fell into a mud pit along with the female host of the show and a large chameleon was seen approaching them in order to attack them.

Watch Full Video : Shah Rukh Khan lashed out at a prank show anchor in Dubai

King Khan was reportedly paid Rs 2 crore for this appearance. There are only so many things that money can buy, but that unscripted moment when the actor loses his cool: priceless.