Neha Dhupia met with an accident in Chandigarh today (Pic Courtesy:

After Sushant Singh Rajput, who recently had a brawl on the streets of Mumbai, Neha Dhupia has suffered an accident while she was on about to reach the airport to board a flight. What happened to Neha post the accident is perhaps a bigger shocker than the incident itself. Here’s what happened….

Neha Dhupia was in Chandigarh to promote the second season of her show ‘No Filter Neha’. Post the promotions, she was headed towards the Chandigarh airport to board a flight to Mumbai. On her way, she met with an accident and not only she was stuck, a bulk of the traffic in the city came to a staggering halt due to the accident.

A picture of Neha Dhupia’s accident hit car (Pic Courtesy: spotboye)

What was more shocking than this was that throughout the course of the incident — and all the stress related to it, not to forget the anxiety to catch the next flight to Mumbai — the onlookers (the citizens of Chandigarh) not even once offered help of any kind to the actress. They were more interested in taking selfies with Neha Dhupia rather than helping her out. She was quite taken aback by their behaviour. Fortunately, only her car has been damaged due to the accident, and nothing has happened to either Neha or her team.

Of late, Neha is back in the news again. Her show ‘No Filter Neha’ is hitting it of well with celebs and the masses alike (Here’s what Imtiaz Ali revealed to Neha about Ranbir Kapoor). She also recently visited her alma mater Jesus and Mary College (JMC) in Delhi University and had a hearty chat with the principal as well as the college students.

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