Ever since the National Awards has been announced people across social media started giving their reactions and of course, there are some bad remarks who have raised question over the selection of Akshay Kumar as the Best Actor. Scroll Down to know the Valid Reason behind this!

Akshay Kumar in Rustom (Image Source: SantaBanta)

After being selected for Best Actor, Akshay took to social media and thanked everyone especially his Wife Twinkle Khanna who Ironically had said him “Achcha hua tumne award shows me jana band kar diya kuch milta to hai nahi tumhe”.  However, there’s no doubt that Akshay’s name was hardly pronounced in Award Shows as the actor has done many Crucial Films and not being awarded since is completely UNFAIR. Rustom is based on the prominent case of Naval Officer K. M. Nanavati who shot his businessman friend Prem Ahuja. Akshay did his role perfectly but after getting a position in National Award as the Best Actor Twitter broke into an outrage and there’s a tweet who makes you think that whether this award is biased?

Director Priyadarshan’s presence in National Film Award jury makes people doubt on the decision of choosing Best Actor!

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