PHOTOS: Meet Bhumika Sharma: 21 year old Indian who won Miss World Bodybuilding 2017 in Italy!

Meet Bhumika Sharma: A 21 year old Indian bodybuilder who is redefining beauty with her latest achievement at Miss World Bodybuilding 2017. On one side where you have men who make it to the last stages of bodybuilding championships, you have on the other side this young lady from Dehradun who makes weight lifting look like a piece of cake. Scroll down to see her PHOTOS!

Bhumika Sharma (picture courtesy: zeenews)

By winning this competition, Bhumika has slapped sexism on its face. She is now set to compete for Miss Universe bodybuilding championship in the upcoming months. Interestingly, Bhumika’s mom Hansa Sharma also happens to be a weight lifting coach. She inspired her daughter to go all the way.

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