Is Kangana Ranaut known more as a National Award Winner or a liar? (Pic Courtesy: YouTube/ Instagram/ Twitter)

Kangana Ranaut is having to eat a lot these days. It’s not the food. It’s her own words that come out of her mouth that she has to swallow back coz they are shoved up back to her throat by everyone around her. Of late, Kangana Ranaut is getting embroiled in her own controversies. Whatever she says — COMES OUT TO BE FALSE! And then she has to devour all that she spit ! Don’t believe us? Here’s how.


Kangana Ranaut and Ketan Mehta’s fight has turned ugly (Pic Courtesy:

Reportedly Kangana Ranaut was working on filmmaker Ketan Mehta’s film based on Rani Lakshmibai in 2015. But later, the actress and Ketan both parted ways. And now, we hear Kangana Ranaut is making a biography on Rani Lakshmibai under her own production. The actress claimed that her project bears no resemblance to that of Mehta, but the filmmaker says that she had thoroughly read the script of the film many times and now he has slapped a CASE OF RS. 9 CRORES on Kangana for stealing his script.


Kangana Ranaut attempting to click a selfie with Paris Hilton when she visited Mumbai a few years ago (Pic Courtesy:

A couple of years ago, Kangana Ranaut announced that she has been approached to endorse a whole line of luxe cosmetics by Paris Hilton. The globally famous hotel heiress Paris Hilton’s whole team instantly negated all her claims — resulting in a huge embarrassment for Kangana Ranaut as her STATEMENTS WERE RENDERED FALSE. Kangana, reportedly tried to make up for the loss by offering friendship to Paris when she visited Mumbai, but she snubbed her!


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Kangana Ranaut with her US based beau Nicholas Lafferty (Pic Courtesy: bccl)

In 2012, Kangana admitted that she is dating a US-based guy named Nicholas Lafferty, and the two are going steady. After a year or so, she told the media that they have broken up. It is to be noted that throughout those 1-2 years, she posted no picture with him – there were no vacays, no dates, neither was he seen flying to India. All we had was just 1 picture (above) of the two. And then, one day, she announced that they’ve broken up. Rumour has it that there was no relationship in the first place. It was just a publicity stunt!


Kangana Ranaut leaked a photo of her with Hrithik Roshan in a party (Pic Courtesy: Twitter)

In 2016, Kangana Ranaut alleged that Hrithik Roshan was her ex-boyfriend. At which, the green-eyed hunk fumed and negated her statements. In a spat that turned ugly and that too in front of the media, Kangana continued to stress on the fact that Hrithik proposed to her and they got engaged in Paris, while Hrithik disagreed. Kangana tried everything – from sharing emails to pics of the two getting cozy, but nothing worked, coz in the end, Hrithik’s ex-wife and his friends, everyone stood up for him and said that nothing happened between the two.

Again Kangana had her foot in the mouth.


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We really think Kangana has the bod that she can eat whatever she likes. But one must try not to be in a situation where you have to gulp your own words more than you get to savour a dessert.

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