JAL GAYI: Salman Khan in Tubelight (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

The much awaited trailer of Salman Khan’s upcoming film ‘Tubelight’ is finally out, and it is already touted to be another Eid blockbuster much ahead of its release.  Since we already told you many months ago that Salman Khan’s Tubelight is a copy of the Hollywood film Little Boy, the trailer release of the movie has only made our claims stronger. Here’s proof that this Tubelight has stolen its electricity from the United States.


(L) Salman Khan in Tubelight and (R) a still from Little Boy (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

Some scenes from both the films – ‘Tubelight’ are so shockingly similar to those of ‘Little Boy’, that we are busy popping our eyes, watching both the trailers again and again.

The magician scene is shown in both Tubelight and Little Boy


(Top and Bottom) A still from Tubelight and a still from Little Boy (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

Both the films show a strong bond between a little child (who is special) and his guardian. In Tubelight, it is Salman and his elder brother. In Little Boy, it is a loving bond between son and father. Both the guardians are a part of the army and leave their respective little boys — who are deeply attached to them — behind. What they emotionally go through in their guardians’ absence, forms a major plot of both Tubelight and Little Boy.

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