5 Bollywood actors including Salman Khan’s co-actor who SLAPPED RACISM in the face!

People might know about racism being the worst thing in the world but they still are ignorant enough not to do anything about it. Be it a big shot like Priyanka Chopra or a newbee like Salman Khan’s co-actor in Tubelight (Matin Rey Tangu), people don’t spare anybody. During the recent promotions of the film, the little one was given a very stupid, racist comment. How Matin dealt with it is something we you have to see. Scroll down to find out more.

Salman Khan and Matin Ray Tangu (picture courtesy: theindianexpress)

A journalist asked Matin who hails from Arunachal Pradesh as to how he felt visiting India for the first time. Matin who is quite a stunner slammed the reporter by saying that he already is a part of India and has been staying there, so how is it possible for him to ‘visit’ the country?

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