5 reasons we are deeply worried about Deepika Padukone ever since her Cannes appearance

Deepika Padukone looking stunning for her red carpet appearance at Cannes. @Bollywoodstyle ❤ ❤ ❤

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Ever since Deepika Padukone set her foot at the Cannes Film Festival, her varied looks became a hot topic all over. But here are a few things not many noticed about Deepika Padukone, especially during her first 2 days at the Cannes this year. Many of those things about her have got us concerned. Here are those….


We’d rather say that Deepika has looked better on most days when she was not walking the red carpet. After the Met Gala, if the actress has goofed up with her look, it was her first red carpet appearance at the Cannes. The bottle-green thigh-high slit gown did less to flatter her bod; plus the biggest case in point was her makeup. The green eyes and nude lips rather made her look dull. Yes, the tint in her eyes was to promote the eye-shadow of a makeup giant, but that was a price too high she paid for brand endorsement. Makeup should be such that adds to our beauty, not snatch away from it.



Even when her makeup was in the right place, Deepika Padukone’s serene smile is telling a different story altogether these days. The moment she smiles, her eyes crinkle, putting the spotlight on the crow’s feet. Plus, despite a luxurious skin foundation, the slight eruptions on her forehead, along with dryness around the nose, et al are doing less to add that much needed glow on the face, especially when she’s at the French Riviera. Perhaps, she’s doing a lot of work, that leaves her with less time for rest.

Deepika Padukone at Cannes (Pic Courtesy: instagram)

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Pardon us for being too cynical. But we write what we see, sans any bias. Moving further from her skin, Deepika Padukone’s otherwise luscious long locks were not too shiny during her red carpet appearance. The dry ends and lifeless hair were doing less favour to add to her overall appearance.



The moment she turned her back towards the shutterbugs, along with her sculpted back, we noticed that the RK tattoo (dedicated to Ranbir Kapoor) is standing still at the nape of her neck. Sussanne Khan got the same tattoo as Hrithik many years ago. The moment they parted ways (three and a half years ago), she got the design changed. Many celebs have got their tattoos altered. They say it helps them move over their past relationships. In that case (though it’s a complete personal choice), Dippy darling would have many options. Even the K can be made into an S – which would connote Ranveer Singh’s initials. But then, all is not well with her current beau either, we hear, while she’s also not making any effort to forget her ex too, if the tattoo is any indication.



Ever since Aishwarya Rai Bachchan made her Cannes appearance in the princessy gown, everybody forgot Deepika’s look that she sported a few days ago. Perhaps, Deepika Padukone’s sensual attire fizzled out too soon the moment Mrs Bachchan walked looking like a heavenly princess.

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