6 super HOT Kingfisher Calendar Girls who actually made it big in Bollywood!

The Kingfisher Calendar every year brings to us some of the hottest, most attractive women of all times. Some of them are big names in the fashion world while the rest have established their names in Bollywood. Would you like to know who these sexy women are? Scroll down for more.

Deepika Padukone (picture courtesy: welcomeneri)

Deepika Padukone (picture courtesy: welcomeneri)

Deepika Padukone made it big in Bollywood only after she earned a name in the modelling and fashion world. While doing a few commercials, Deepika also worked for popular fashion brands. She was quite an impressive name when it came to the world of modelling and is still remembered for her super hot for Kingfisher. Having a big name in Bollywood was definitely not a task for her.

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