It all started with the recent splurge of pictures on social media of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with her little daughter Aaradhya Bachchan attending a wedding in Mangalore. Both Aishwarya and Aaradhya were dressed in similar attires, and pics of their ‘twinning’ have been all over the web.

But as the saying goes, when something is happening so beautifully, there will always be a negative side effect of it, trying to overshadow it. So it happened. A woman tweeted to Abhishek Bachchan asking in a rather sarcastic tone that do they ever send Aaradhya to school? For she is always spotted with her mother Aishwarya, travelling here or there, attending ceremonies, et al.

In a tweet that has now been deleted, the lady in question attacked Abhishek Bachchan in such a way that it lead to a series of tweets (few of which have been removed from the net), with Abhishek nailing his reply. But she too was not someone who would take a kicka** reply hands down, and kept on continuing the not-so-pleasant banter.

Unapologetically referring to Aishwarya as “an arrogant woman”, the user tweeted, “@juniorbachchan, Is ur child not going to school? I do wonder what school gives permission to take out a kid when u like to go a a trip with mom. Or are u guys going for beauty without brains. Always hand in hand with a arrogant mom. Not having a normal childhood.”

At this Abhishek fumed and told her, “Ma’am, as far as I know… Most schools are shut for the week-end. She goes to school on the weekdays. Maybe you should try it considering you(r) spelling in your tweet.”

But that was not all. The war didn’t end there. This was followed by more tweets…

But after she replied saying that most people feel that way, but don’t have the guts to say, she added two more tweets in order to make her argument stronger. As rude as it may sound, the said user has now protected her Twitter account and one can’t read her tweets unless she allows you to follow her.

In the splurge of such tweets, a good part of Twitterati got involved with most of them supporting Abhishek and ridiculing the woman saying this is NOYB (None of Your Business).

True that Aaradhya does travel with Aishwarya mostly wherever she goes. Perhaps apart from her shootings, Aishwarya takes her everywhere — Aaradhya has been accompanying her to Cannes ever since she was a toddler. And Aish’s charity events, public appearances, weddings, outings, et al have always included Aaradhya.

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So, the factual part is correct. But, the said Twitter user failed to realise that this is a result of mother Aishwarya’s protectiveness towards her girl child. Maybe, despite being a celebrity and living a lifestyle most people can only dream of, Aish is never satisfied with her child’s security.

And feels it is best to take her along rather than leaving her alone at home, only in the presence of domestic helps, since mostly none of her family members — Abhishek, Amitabh or Jaya — would be home to take care of her.

We hail Aishwarya’s decision of taking her daughter wherever she goes (that is also not an easy job, we say). As far as the school is concerned, she’s the daughter of a ‘beauty with brains’ Miss World 1994. We’re sure Aaradhya will be a bright student.