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Literally the most bizarre TV serial to be aired in the history of Indian television, Pehredaar Piya Ki has recently taken things to a whole new level which the audience is not enjoying at all. The concept of a 10 year old woman marrying an adult woman is not just disgusting but downright abusive. Over the past couple episodes, the show has shown us a young prince named Ratan who chases a woman who his much elder to him. He takes photos of her creepily and ends up marrying her too. Things get much worse when they actually have a honeymoon scene together. Now that is simply disgusting.

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As a result of keeping such content, people have come up with an online petition that want the serial to be permanently banned. And ever since it went up on, it received over 43,000 supporters. The whole purpose was to request the Information and Broadcast Minister Smriti Irani to do something about the show and remove it completely. Here’s a quick look at the petition posted online.

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Pehredar piya ki. – A 10 year old impressionable little kid(” piyaa”) caressing and stalking a lady who’s more than double his age and filling sindoor in her “maang” is being telecasted at prime time -8:30pm on sony. (Family time) It is to be devoured by the entire Nation. Imagine the kind of influence it will steadily and perpetually infuse in the viewers mindset.
We want a ban on the serial. We do not want our kids to be influenced by such tv serials. Join us in signing the petition to ban this serial
” said the petition

Several people joined hands as a reaction to the content of the TV serial. It definitely seems like there are hundreds of sensible people in the country who understand what is abusive and what isnt. With these reactions on Twitter, it’s very much obvious that Pehredaar Piya Ki might not be aired for very long. With more signatures, it will be shut down completely.

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Although the show has simply tried to show that Ratan is a prince who needs someone to protect him and someone who can be his friend, the way they have done it simply unacceptable. There is no need for him to marry someone in order to seek protection. Neither does he have to stalk or chase a woman who shares such a huge age gap with him.

Twitter reactions on Pehredaar Piya Ki (picture courtesy: twitter)

There are several ways to show friendship and bonding and marrying the person is definitely not the only way to go about it. If they wanted, they could have used a different angle but according to them, that is what would have worked. And fortunately it is now coming to a halt. We really, sincerely hope that the makers of TV soaps and serials would become more serious and careful about the kind of content they are creating. After all, there is an entire nation that is being impacted as a result.

Pehredaar Piya Ki l Diya & Ratan's marriage

Wondering why Pehredaar Piya Ki's 19 year old Diya agreed to marry a 9 year old Ratan? This video will answer all your questions!Sony Entertainment Television l Tejasswi Prakash l #PehredaarPiyaKi

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