Akshay Kumar did this HEROIC act for our Indian soldiers on PM Narendra Modi’s appeal!

The recent Uri attacks have not only increased tensions between India and Pakistan but have also created a lot of chaos within the country itself. To reduce the stress a little, Prime Minister Modi has launched a special campaign called #sandesh2soldiers. Since Diwali is around the corner, Modi wants our army to receive as many good wishes as possible. He has requested the masses to send special messages to the soldiers who always miss their family on such occasions.

Narendra Modi and Akshay Kumar (picture courtesy: rajnikantvscidjokes)

Narendra Modi and Akshay Kumar (picture courtesy: rajnikantvscidjokes)

Since the whole idea is to help messages reach more than 10 crore people, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has already done his part. Not only did he reach the Prime Minister but also sent a very meaningful message to all the jawans out there. Hearing the message not only made us feel proud as Indians but also made us stand and salute the actor for doing such a heroic job!

The message can be sent by not just celebs but also commoners everywhere in India through the NaMo app or MyGov.in

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