Everyone from Bollywood has been talking about the Uri attacks and sharing their opinion on whether to ban Pakistani artistes from our country or not. And now Akshay Kumar too has opened up about the issue that has plagued the country. Here is what Akshay Kumar has said….

Akshay Kumar finally opens up on the Pak ban issue and the Uri attacks (Pic Courtesy: Facebook)

In a Facebook video, Akshay Kumar – who is currently shooting in Manali for his next film ‘Jolly LLB 2’ – sat down and began to share his heartfelt opinon. Akshay captioned his video, saying, “Something which has been on my mind since the past few days and I just had to say it. Not intending to offend anyone…so here goes.”

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He said, “Today, I am not speaking in the capacity of a celebrity, but as an army man’s son. For a few days now, I have been witnessing Indians fighting amongst each other. Someone is asking for the proof of the surgical strike, some demand artistes (read: Pakistani artistes) to be banned, some fear war.”

“Guys, have some shame! Argue later and first think about the martyred soldiers and their families. Do they care about a film releasing or not?  Or if an artiste is banned or not? No! They are concerned about their future and we should also be worried about their present and future. We owe our existence to them. Jai Hind!” Akshay Kumar concluded in the video.

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