The day Baahubali: The Conclusion has stepped in, it’s impossible for us to get out of its euphoria. It’s the most incredible gift the audience has received from SS Rajamouli which registered in the heart of Indian Cinema for a long time until the next creature of the same director won’t come. For those who says that the film is running on the shoulder of VFX would be proved wrong at the end when they know about the many Lilliputian things which went unnoticed.

Image Source: All India Roundup

Thanks to the digital world who after the release of this Giant film kept digging out the interesting facts about the film. Thus, Bindis(తిలకం) and Logos used by characters of the movie has been overshadowed by the action sequences in the film but believe us their meaning is playing a crucial role in the film. It defines the character and persona. So, are you ready to get into the significance of their Bindis?

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