Amrita Singh gets into a FIGHT with Saif Ali Khan for saying THIS about Sara Ali Khan!

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan has got himself into a little trouble for being honest about his daughter’s career choices. His recent statement about Sara Ali Jhan’s Bollywood debut literally led to an argument between him and ex wife Amrita Singh. In a latest interview, the actor said that he didn’t find his daughter’s choice to act in the film industry as a smart profession. Amrita apparently didn’t like the statement at all and reacted angrily. Scroll down to find out what she said.

Amrita Singh, Sara Ali Khan and Saif Ali Khan (picture courtesy: india)

Sources say that Amrita told him that it was quite an irresponsible thing to say about his own daughter who is about to enter a new phase in her life. Saif didn’t want to get himself into more trouble so he simply said that it was kept out of context and quickly got himself out of the situation.

The matter didn’t end there however. Saif quickly came back with another statement which had us speechless. CLICK NEXT to find out.