A hater accused Malaika Arora of living a luxurious life due to Arbaaz's alimony (Pic Courtesy: newstracklive)

Malaika Arora Khan, oops, now just Malaika Arora is the ultimate diva in the true sense of the word. Why not? She is fit and fab despite being in her 40s, she’s a single mother and is raising her kids along with stepping out of the house to earn her bread and butter (or maybe for her it’s the olives and avocadoes. Ah! the pun is not required right now). She’s also being the ideal mother to her son – by keeping him close to his father Arbaaz Khan – even though she herself parted ways from him. Yep. She just celebrated Arbaaz’s 50th birthday along with her son. Ain’t that amazing?

Happy bdayyyyy arbaaz….happiness always.????

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Yet, sadly, Malaika too — much like other celebs — got shamed on social media. Here’s what happened….
Recently, Malaika shared a photo of her with a message that she’s excited to collaborate with a jewellery brand for their endorsements. At this, a troller began to post ‘hate’ comments on her picture.

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The man wrote, “This what these sh** women do these days. Marry a rich guy then divorce him for huge alumni. And then have fun with that alumni. Why do u need alumni if u are capable of earning. I respect people and not the gender. Her life now is all about wearing short clothes, going to gym or salon, enjoying the vacation. Do u seriously have any work, Or just feeding urself on the husband’s money? The word is alimony.”

Malaika took serious offence to this post and indeed hit back at him like this. She replied – “I do not indulge in such conversation coz it’s below my dignity, but I just had to coz u certainly got to get your damn facts right before spewing s*** n slagging me off when u know nothing about me. Except sit and pass judgement on other people’s life, I seriously suggest you find something to do with ur time coz you clearly have nothing better to do in life.”

Perhaps, this message that she shared, sums up what she believes in. And she wanted the world to know what’s been on her mind during or before or after her divorce with Arbaaz Khan. Here’s the thoughtful message Malaika shared…


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For the uninitiated, Malaika and Arbaaz were together for as many as 18 years, and a have a son Arhaan Khan. In 2016, Malaika ended their marriage by divorcing Arbaaz. It was a mutual divorce, and as per gossip, Malaika demanded Rs 15 crores as alimony from Arbaaz.

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