Esha Deol's preggers photo on Instagram has failed to impress us. Is she trying too hard to look hot? (Pic Courtesy: instagram)

The pressure of ‘looking hot’ while preggers is huge. And enormously so on celebrities for whom shutterbugs and trending pics are no less than a drug. The latest preggers celeb is Esha Deol. (Alright, she’s now more of a ‘celeb kid’ than an actress considering she’s off showbiz for a long, long time). And boy! This girl is trying very hard to look good with a swelled up belly.


Every time Esha Deol attempted to put up a pretty picture in ‘preggers style’, she failed miserably (pic Courtesy: Instagram)

In the above picture, Esha looked like a heavily preggers girl managing to put up a grin even as anaemia consumes her! (Ouch, we know that hurt. Sorry) And when she tried to go all desi with her bump, she again failed to turn the eyes of fashion watchers.

Pregnant Esha Deol with mom Hema Malini (Pic Courtesy: Twitter(


But here’s the only time she got it completely right, so much so that it was bang on. Her whites were serene, her bump looking decent, and her overall appearance looking quite flattering.

The perks of a mommy to be !!! Purse/ carriage ?cute but can wait!!! #mommytobe #mallvisits #kidsstore

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But then, she bounced back to her original not-so-flattering-style in this recent post, wherein Esha, carrying a bulging belly, and dressed in quite a short pair of shorts, crossed her legs and awaited the Mumbai rains. Did we like her pose? Ummm…. Err…not so much.

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Kareena Kapoor Khan upped her fashion game during her maternity phase and rocked every party with her stylish garb (Pic Courtesy: Instagram)

After the ‘fitness selfie’, if there’s another social media fad that’s in line, it is the ‘preggers pose’. Hence, we do understand that the fear of having gone completely Esha Deol, Esha Deol preggers, Esha Deol baby bump, Esha Deol maternity style, Esha Deol Instagram, Esha Deol Bharat Takhtani, Esha Deol pregnant, Esha Deol Hema Malini, Esha Deol Ahana Deolunnoticed during one’s preggers stage is no less than a nightmare, especially in an era wherein everyone from Kim Kardashian to (closer home) Kareena Kapoor are flaunting their curves, stepping out each day and making maternity style a fashion statement while carrying the now oh-so-coveted-baby-bump.

No worries, girl, we hope you machao ‘Dhoom’ pretty soon in the coming social media updates and everyone begins to gush over your ‘coming soon’ munchkin, and also talk about that ‘glow’. It will happen, soon, we think.

Esha Deol, 35, married entrepreneur Bharat Takhtani in 2012 and the couple are expecting their first child this year.