Ever since the film like Baahubali has come out people have become the fan of Prabhas’s muscular body, the way he fights and lifts lord Shiva’s idol his muscular body just hogged the massive attention than the film’s storyline. But do you know while the second part of the film he had to carry two types of Body? Yes! first, he has to maintain his body for the character of King and the second one for the King’s son character, Shivudu.


Image Source: mid-day.com

His Fitness Trainer Laksman Reddy shared a few details about his regime, “As Baahubali, Prabhas had to build a lot of muscle and for the son’s character, Shivudu, he had to look lean. His physique fluctuated for more than four years; that was difficult. Prabhas weighed almost 100 kgs with his body fat percentage staying in the range of 9-10. For the younger character, he had to build a toned body with minimal muscles.”
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