Representational image for Om Swami's latest incident (picture courtesy: indian express)

Bigg Boss 10 contestant Baba Om Swami has landed himself into some major trouble once again and not so surprisingly, it is his fault this time too. The infamous guy who always manages to do something or the other in order to get some attention this time went an extra mile and gave away some real disgusting comments on Triple Talaq that offended the masses quite a bit. Naturally, people were offended by the way he spoke and they gave it back to the ex Bigg Boss contestant with a good thrashing. Scroll down to take a look at the video.

Baba Om Swami in Bigg Boss 10 (picture courtesy: indian express)

This isnt the first time he has been beaten up. He was also beaten up in Delhi once during a candle light march. Women around him were so offended as you can see in the photo below that they violently reacted by thrashing him in public.

Baba Om Swami beaten up in Delhi during a candle march (picture courtesy: indian express)

Om Swami this time did something quite offensive. He actually reached the Supreme Court and said that the problem is something that should be handled by the community since it deals with them. His friend also supported him by saying that the Supreme Court has no right to react on that or do something about it. Naturally, the crowd wasn’t very happy hearing all of this and they gave it back to Swami ji for not being clever about his comments.

(Please note: The image used in cover has been used for representation. To know what happened just recently, take a look at the video below)

Controversial Baba Swami Om BEATEN again for creating Drama, this time Baba Om reached supreme court in favour of triple Talaq, Vowed to Collct muslims against Supreme court & abused Judges bench he even protested against appointment of New CJI Dipak Misra but audience outside turned his swaraj into blue black ???????

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