Geeta Kapoor’s teary eyed pic keeps circulating on the internet which shows the growing brutality of the children against their parents in B-Town also. Going back in the past of this glamour industry where besides Geeta Kapoor, many Bollywood stalwarts who have faced such cruel incident from their own family members. Let us show you what had happened with the actors alongside Geeta Kapoor who had once ruled the cinema with their talent and an acting.

1. Geeta Kapoor

Pakeezah actress Geeta Kapoor confessed that her son used to physically abuse her and would serve her food once in four days. The actress, who mainly worked as a junior artist and has been seen in films like Pakeezah, was recently abandoned by her son in Goregaon’s SRV hospital where She is now been taken care of by producer Ramesh Taurani and Ashoke Pandit as her son flew away leaving her mother in a most vulnerable stage.

Come to the next slide, we will show you the case of Vimi who had once starred in Humraaz