Reema Lagoo played onscreen mommie to Salman in many films (Pic Courtesy: huffington post)

Veteran actress Reema Lagoo’s sudden demise has brought the spotlight on this underlying norm of the film industry that has gone unnoticed for long.  Ever since Reema breathed her last, the masses could not help but recall how she’s always been the adorable onscreen mother of Salman Khan since times immemorial. But then, Reema Lagoo died at the age of 58. And Salman Khan, is currently, 51 ! So, how the hell did she always play the role of his mother onscreen, not even his elder sister! She was perhaps only 31, when she was beautifully accepted as Salman’s (then 24) mom in Maine Pyar Kiya.


Reema Lagoo and Salman Khan in a still from Judwaa (Pic Courtesy: shemaroofilms)

But, then, we discovered that it’s not just the late actress, who’s been playing mommie to actors only a few years younger to her, it is the bitter truth of the film industry. How? For instance, Shefali Shah was just 33 years old when she played Akshay Kumar’s doting mother in the film ‘Waqt – A Race Against Time’. By the way, Priyanka is currently around 32 years old.


Shefali Shah played Akshay Kumar’s mother in the film ‘Waqt’ (Pic Courtesy: buzzfeed)

Today, Shefali is 44 while Akshay Kumar is nearing 49 years of age. Shefali is the wife of popular filmmaker Vipul Shah. So, playing or not playing a role offered to her is perhaps also a personal choice. She can always choose not to, as compared to an actress who has no choice but to ‘continue acting’ to make ends meet.


Shefali and Akshay Kumar are of the same generation in real life (Pic Courtesy: huffington post)

There are many, many more shocking examples of how ageing actors get to play macho men in films, while their same-aged female counterparts get their hands only on the roles of their mothers!


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