Sins (picture courtesy: vagabomb)

Bollywood movies in the past have given us some really good films. Whether it’s an erotic thriller or a chick flick, our films have been great. At times, however, there have been some that have made us feel super awkward and downright cringe worthy. Yes! We are talking about the intimate scenes. While some were really steamy, others were just badly done. Here’s a look at those movies in the past that made us go ‘WTF’!

Margarita With A Straw (picture courtesy: vagabomb)

One of the most different movies we have ever seen in Bollywood is Margarita With A Straw featuring Kalki Koechlin as lead actress. The movie was all about a young woman who is differently abled and is exploring her own sexuality. And although the movie was beautiful, the intimate scene was slightly difficult to deal with.

Chatrak (picture courtesy: vagabomb)

Bengali film Chatrak created by Sri Lankan movie maker hit several film festivals and had quite a few cringe worthy sex scenes. Some of them were super over the top. It stars bold Tollywood film actress Paoli Dam who also worked in Hate Story. The movie was an intellectual drama, had some great concept but was just overly done.

Lipstick Under My Burkha (picture courtesy: vagabomb)

Moving on to recently released Bollywood movie Lipstick Under My Burkha. This film literally kicked up a storm and had so much drama caused by Pahlaj Nilhalani before making it to the screen. Unlike most movies, this film was super realistic about intimate scenes and what women face in India. One of them was this and it was nothing steamy at all.

Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi (picture courtesy: bollywood)

Also Rekha’s intimate scene with Akshay Kumar in Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi was just too much to handle. It made us cringe, feel difficult and super awkward. It was definitely not a hot scene at all!

Sins (picture courtesy: vagabomb)

Finally on our list is Shiney Ahuja’s Sins. This movie was about a priest falling in love with a much younger woman. The scenes were not very favourable at all.