Jacqueline Fernandez's awkward moment at the Body Shop event

Jacqueline Fernandez was recently spotted at an event wherein she was promoting ‘The Body Shop’. The brand ambassador was supporting the company’s latest venture. Here’s what happened as she walked in for the evening.

Jacqueline Fernandez as the brand ambassador of The Body Shop

The ‘Judwaa 2’ actress was seen wearing a rather unconventional attire in pastel shade of sea green. A fitted shirt with a tie paired with flaired pants reminding us of the bell bottom rage in the 60s. But Jacqueline’s shirt seemed a bit too tight for comfort.

Jacqueline Fernandez promoting the cosmetic brand during a press conference
A sea of fans, followers along with the event organizers walk with Jacqueline Fernandez as she steps in

Stretched a bit too much at the torso, her outfit was nowhere close to flattering (not to forget her puffy eyes and tired face). Rather, it made her feel quite awkward. As she walked towards what seemed to be the conference room, she had many people oogling at her in a not-so-decent manner, we would say.

Jackie, in the recent times, has come very far as not just one of the talented actresses, but also as a fashionista. But blunders do happen at times, and it’s okay to be a fashion criminal at times. One can’t be perfect all the time, no?

The awkward moment Jacqueline Fernandez faced….

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Not only was she oogled at, she hardly made a  stunning appearance at this do. We hope too much work does not take a toll on her and she gets back to the scene with all her strength, energy and yep, her signature style.

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