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The first time Rhea Kapoor prepared the script and characters for Veere Di Wedding, she wanted and only wanted Kareena Kapoor Khan to be a part of her film. And Kareena being a close friend of Sonam automatically consented to play a role. Not only that, Bebo was also very impressed with the script and plot of the movie. However, due to Kareena’s pregnancy last year, the actress herself requested Rhea to cast another actress in the film. What happened next will shock you.

According to an interview, Kareena Kapoor Khan said that when she was pregnant with Taimir, she wanted Rhea to take someone who is ten years younger than her. Rhea however, decided to stick with Kareena through thick and thin. “Picture this, you have money, a script, time and your heroine calls you up to tell you that she is pregnant. Rhea reworked her script to add the pregnancy angle (which was eventually dropped), even though I told her to go ahead with an actress 10 years younger. At a time when producers drop an older actress for no particular reason, Rhea, who is a woman of gumption, courage and conviction, told me that the film was all about women and there was no way she was going ahead without me” said Kareena during the interview.

Now that is definitely something we were not expecting to hear, were we? The good news is that Kareena is still going to be a part of the exciting film and the shooting will also begin. The actress has already lost so much weight and even though she’s taking her own sweet time, we believe she’s on her way to achieving that slim, sexy physique soon.

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