Deepika Padukone was mistaken for Priyanka Chopra by the foreign paparazzi almost twice in the recent times (Pic Courtesy: twitter)

Recently, at the Met Gala event – both Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra were present and made memorable appearances at the red carpet. But then, the western media mistook Deepika Padukone for Priyanka Chopra and even began addressing her as PC, calling out loud, “Priyanka Priyanka” while she was spotted at the Los Angeles Airport. (READ: Mistaking me for Priyanka Chopra was racism, feels Deepika) While Deepika has shared her reaction to this incident already, now Priyanka has said what she feels about it.

Do Deepika and Priyanka look the same?

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Just when we thought Priyanka might act a bit weird over this incident, she showed a lot of empathy towards Deepika Padukone who is also considered her rival many-a-times by the media. Recently, this is what she was quoted as saying to the media regarding the mistake, “That was unfair and a serious case of ignorance. It’s not right, every brown girl does not look the same. Indians constitute one-fifth of the world’s population and the representation of our prolific film industry in world cinema is our responsibility. We have to put ourselves out there.”

NEXT SLIDE – But this last sentence of Pee Cee did SOUND A BIT MEAN….We don’t know if Deepika would have taken an offence to it….