Deepika Padukone recently did a photo shoot with International Men's Magazine MAXIM(Image Source: Instagaram)

Deepika Padukone recently flaunts her sexy looks in the Photoshoot for Men’s magazine which she shared on her Instagram with the caption “Just posted a photo.” However, her pics hit liked by Ranveer Singh but later it turned into a controversial thing. Deepika’s pic hasn’t amused many but what make it worse is the insane comments from the Netizens.

After the photo shoot for Maxim, Deepika decided to post one of the pictures from her photo shoot on Instagram. (Image Source: Instagram)

Deepika’s ensembles show her in a very sexy way as she looked resplendent in a white two piece bikini. One of the commenters wrote, “Need to work on Yor ass baby (sic)” and other such sexist posts continued to flow in. One of the users made fun of the colour of the actress and commented: “You dpeeka u are savla b***h (sic).” Another comment read “It’s looking like she is ready for potty.. Ugly don’t no how she thought to share on insta (sic),”. While some of Deepika’s fans compared her pose and outfit to Kendall Jenner, a troll responded with, “kendall na ban (sic).”

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Shaleena Nathani who styled Deepika for this cover says, “We wanted to present her in a very different light while keeping all the aesthetics in place, of course. And Deepika obviously likes to experiment…so she came on board as quickly as we had discussed the look with her. As usual, she was chilled out about it. I think that the photographer, the make-up and Deepika’s own strong personality made all the difference. You can show a lot of skin and it can go either way but it was Deepika’s persona that added up to the cover output.”

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