Ever wondered how Shahrukh Khan plays his real-life roles? Role as a Father, as a Husband or as a Friend, how he lives his personal life, a fan has asked this question on Quora and one of the Ex-Employes who worked at his home office revealed some juicy deets about him. She says “I worked at SRK’s home office for a year. I’ll be going anonymous because I’m still working in the same industry.” Let’s us start reading some personal facts about him which nobody can answer you!

1. Gentleman be like him!

Shahrukh Khan with his female fans
Confessions Made by Shah Rukh Khan’s Alleged Ex-Employee (Image Source: IndiCine)

“He’s a superstar of the highest order & this is the 21st Century, but he would still always open the door for an average female employee like me & let me pass first.”

2. He always spare time for his fans.

Confessions Made by Shah Rukh Khan's Alleged Ex-Employee
Shahrukh Khan’s ex-employe confession

“Every morning when he leaves in his car, he knows a few fans will be waiting outside the gates. But he never pulls up the blinds to hide away from them. He makes sure to smile & wave back. It’s a stark contrast from other stars who hide away behind blackened car windows & maintain discretion to avoid fans outside their homes.”

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