If rumours are anything to go by, there’s more plastic on Katrina Kaif’s face than in the recycle machines. Apparently, Katrina’s recent face job was a Botox injection. Movie Review Preview digs deeper into this controversy to find out if this piece of gossip stands true.

Recently, model Diandra Soares, who also worked with Katrina during her modelling days, claimed that Katrina got Botox injections done, and also questioned the reason as to why would she want to look younger and why can’t she embrace her old age?

Katrina Kaif’s latest photos signal a major change in her looks (Pic Courtesy: Instagram)

To begin with, Botox, is not a surgical procedure. One doesn’t need to technically go under the knife to alter their looks. Salmonella toxin is injected in the face to cause a temporary paralysis of facial muscles in order to prevent wrinkles. We compared Katrina’s ever so changing looks and face shape with the statements given by experts to the media. Here’s what we found.


Katrina Kaif then and now

Mostly, it is very difficult to spot a surgery or derma fillers or botox injections on a celebrity since it’s usually done very well. But with little observations like most unexpected changes in their features, shape and sheen of the face, one can spot their face jobs. “For instance, if a person whose always had a slim face, suddenly has a lifted face with noticeable plumped up cheeks (focus on the area right below the eyes) and invisible laughter lines, you can say he/ she had a date with botox,” say skincare experts about cosmetic treatments and surgeries.

Katrina Kaif looks like a totally different version of her younger self

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“Movement is youthful,” Rusher, a skincare & injection consultant, was quoted as saying to an US magazine. “When an area of the face is frozen with absolutely no wrinkles, you can assume the person has had a date with a needle.”

Do you see a big difference in Katrina Kaif from how she looks when she entered the film industry and now

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“When you look at a photo and see an area of the face that is extremely smooth and shiny,” Rusher says,” that can be an indicator that the person may have got Botox done.”

Katrina Kaif’s features and shape of the face have changed drastically in the last decade

“The biggest proof of a person’s ‘job’ is when they smile. When your eyes crinkle in a smile, and crow’s feet are visible, you’re  retaining your original face. But when nothing happens to the face even during a wide smile, you can smell the aroma of injections…” – excerpts from a cosmetic surgeon’s report.

Rumours always had it that Katrina got a nose job done many years ago

‘Chances are that if one person got it done at one point of time, and see some positive changes in them, they are most likely to get it done again. And some celebs are also addicted,’ echo many reports and studies on celebs and skin treatments.

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