Sussanne Khan made a fashion blunder recently (Pic Courtesy: bhaskar/ bollywood bubble)

Sussanne Khan has always been an epitome of elegance when it comes to her dress sense. And mind it, hers is not the case of growing-hotter-and-groomed-post-breakup. She was always well-dressed, and prim and propah to be precise. But what happened to her now, we wonder?

SOMETHING MISSING? Sussanne Khan’s shirt dress looks like just a shirt (Pic Courtesy: bollywoodbubble)

Recently, she was spotted dining with a friend at the famous restaurant Olive Bar and Kitchen in Mumbai. As she stepped out, we noticed her sporting one of the latest trends of the season – shirt dress. Sussanne chose a demin shirt dress for her night out.

Sussanne Khan’s denim shirt dress was quite a fashion blunder (Pic Courtesy: bollywoodbubble)

But not only was her shirt dress a bit on the ‘very short’ side, she was herself seen to be not-so-comfortable in her attire as she was taking the stairs towards the exit of the resto-bar.

Sussanne Khan’s shirt dress made her quite awkward (Pic courtesy:

Not only was there no comfort factor in her garment, she also picked up a shirt which should have been worn as just a shirt along with tights or jeans or even a pair of hot pants. By wearing it just as a shirt, she looked weird, and felt awkward.

Sussanne Khan spotted on a dinner date with her friend (Pic courtesy: bollywoodbubble)

We wonder what happened to Sussanne’s styling, which has hitherto been always on top of her game. Usually, we don’t see her donning all the latest trends. We find her wearing plain, knee-length dresses, but all of them are so slick and beautiful, they complement her personality very well. But this dress, dear Sussanne, looked like, ‘Trying quite hard to look like one of those young girls, sporting the latest fashion trends.

Meanwhile, here’s how a shirt dress should have been worn ideally….

Priyanka Chopra wore a causal shirt dress and looked quite a gorgeous chic (Pic Courtesy: instagram)


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