Priyanka Chopra's latest photoshoot for Paper Magazine (Pic Courtesy: papermag)

Priyanka Chopra recently showed her hitherto unseen side to the world. The desi girl who’s rocking videshi places surprised us yet again by posing in a super boho cum savage style for the cover picture of New York based (and globally popular) Paper magazine.

Priyanka Chopra is on the cover page of Paper Magazine (All pics: Papermag)

Paper Magazine covers most influential celebrities all over the world, and Priyanka Chopra, undoubtedly, is a current hot favourite on the world map.

Priyanka Chopra featured as one of the 6 most beautiful people

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And the way she’s portrayed India on the global horizon and unrooted several myths related to Indians, recreating a super fresh image of our country, we’re more than content with her performance — be it as the lead actress in American TV series ‘Quantico’ or as the irresistible baddie in the film ‘Baywatch’ or her magazine shoots, she’s slayed all her roles.

Priyanka Chopra’s savage avatar for the mag

Ever since her photographs from the Paper Magazine are released, there’s a hugely divided opinion on her look. While some are bashing it up left, right and centre, tagging her as quite over-the-top, and downright weird; the rest of her fans and followers are pleasantly surprised with her new look and are hailing the diva as brilliantly experimental and unconventionally pretty and appealing.

Have you seen Pee Cee like this before?

And her words in her interview are as interesting as her look. “I feel like it was destiny. I’m a big believer in destiny. I really feel like there has to be a bigger picture planned for each one of us, because there are sometimes things that happen which you don’t expect at all, and it works out for your best interest. You get in life what you need, not what you want. If you have the ability to recognize those opportunities, life can be pretty all right,” she said when asked how she became a movie star twice – once in Bollywood and second time in Hollywood!

Pee Cee is boho chic in the September issue of Paper Mag

Amongst the many pearls of wisdom she shared in her interview, one of them was, “Ambition and feminism have turned into bad words, and they’re not.”

Priyanka Chopra is unstoppable and does not say ‘No’ to anything

No wonder Priyanka has unleashed her unseen side and has portrayed the look quite boldly and fearlessly as usual.

Priyanka Chopra redefining India and Indians by featuring in this look
Did you like Pee Cee’s new avatar?

The actress got featured on the cover of this coveted magazine as one of the six most beautiful people for their fall issue.

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