REUNION: When Arjun Kapoor came to Nach Baliye sets with Shraddha Kapoor to promote his upcoming film ‘Half Girlfriend’, he posed standing next to Malaika Arora (Pic Courtesy: instagram)


It’s become the talk of the town once again. The hush-hush affair of Malaika Arora Khan (but she’s divorced now, so, we must address her as just Malaika Arora, we think) and Arjun Kapoor has not been able to get a complete cover up from the society.


That short-lived intense liasion gradually got spilled out in the open, and now, it’s become such a commonly spoken topic that even the media has begun to ask the two about their more-than-friendship status.


Recently, Malaika was asked about her relationship with Arjun at an event, wherein she dodged the question cleverly, saying – ‘Why do we need to talk about where I go and whom I meet? Why can’t we talk about other things related to me?’

While neither Malaika nor Arjun won’t say a single word about their past, here’s the flashback on their chhoti-si-love-story, once-upon-a-time.


NEXT SLIDE – Malaika rushed to Arjun’s house that night to know why he wants to break up….