Arbaaz Khan, before his divorce with Malaika, had once said “When you achieve something or someone, you don’t want to lose the person. I love Malaika but I’m possessive about her. It wasn’t like this when she was younger or when I was new to the relationship, but it has happened now. She is very precious and dear to me. I love her more than anything else in the world. I’m afraid of losing her now.” We believe this is the reason why Salman Khan intervened and was trying hard to retain Arbaz’s happiness.

Image Source: FilmiBeat

It was 18-years-old marriage which came to an end despite lots of effort made to stop filing them for divorce. However, it was Malaika who wanted to be out of this marriage. The report quoted a source saying that Malaika has reportedly always had a problem with Arbaaz’s unsuccessful career and was very much bothered by her husband “living in the shadows of his superstar brother.”

Moreover, goss was also that Salman never liked Malaika’s dressing style, her friends and her work. The actress had always felt like an outsider in Khan family and that was the reason Malaika had paid no heed to Salman’s encouragement to continue the marriage. Click next and learn how Salman Khan had put his effort to stop her from filing a divorce.