Bigg Boss 11 is not far from being aired and the tentative list of contestants is already out. According to a latest report, these contestants have been approached for the show and some have confirmed their presence apparently. Here’s a quick look at some of the people you can expect to see this year in Salman Khan’s show!

Nandish Sandhu (picture courtesy: tellychakkar)

TV actor who was once married to actress Rashmi Desai, Nandish Sandhu has apparently been approached for the show and it seems like he may appear for Bigg Boss 11. Every year the show introduces one controversial character or the other. So we are expecting to see Nandish there. We have hardly heard of him after his divorce with Rashmi Desai.

Geeta Phogat (picture courtesy: India)

Geeta Phogat is another contestant we are expecting to see on Bigg Boss 11. She is quite a star already when it comes to the wrestling field. People like her and respect her as well. Plus, since she’s such a famous athlete, there is a bigger possibility that people will want to watch the show. So Geeta must be there to add some fun and drama!

Navpreet Banga (picture courtesy: Instagram)

Navpreet Banga who is a famous YouTuber and star has been approached for Bigg Boss. This girl has her own channel named browngirlifts and has been compared to Priyanka Chopra several times because of how similar she looks to them. It would be super amazing to have her on the show. After all, she’s got a great personality and some star quality too.

Rahul Raj Singh with ex girlfriend Pratyusha (picture courtesy: India)

Rahul Raj Singh is once again another celeb Bigg Boss 11 hopes to see. He got into some major controversy after his ex girlfriend Pratyusha Banerjee committed suicide. There were notes and messages which also hinted that he was responsible for the poor girls death. Having him on the show makes sense. After all, people really like drama. They really like to see infamous people too.

Nia Sharma (picture courtesy: instagram)

One of the prettiest girls on the small screen industry, Nia Sharma became famous after her appearance in Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai. This girl is quite a hot shot and has lakhs of followers on Instagram and Twitter. People like her quite a bit and if she comes on the show, we are sure everyone would want to watch it all the more. So we guess, for the glamour quotient and some TRP, Nia Sharma would be absolutely perfect.

Niti Taylor (picture courtesy: tellychakkar)

Niti Taylor also has been approached for Bigg Boss and I think most of us are well aware of that. This babe is absolutely killer, has the most innocent and adorable smile. She could definitely add some fun and spark to the show. People like her anyway and will love to see what she is all about on the show.

Raj Mahajan (picture courtesy: wikipedia)

Raj Mahajan could add some great potential to the show. This singer got famous after his lesbian music video called Yaara Ve which got some crazy attention from the masses.

Dhinchak Pooja (picture courtesy: instagram)

Self proclaimed singer and apparent celebrity Dhinchak Pooja may walk in through the doors of Bigg Boss this season. This girl has some serious guts and despite knowing somewhere that she isnt a great musician, it is her guts that has got her some crazy attention. Having her on the show will definitely kick up a storm!

Vikrant Singh Rajpoot (picture courtesy: viralprofiles)

Last but not the least guy we have speculated, Mona Lisa’s husband Vikrant Singh Rajpoot has been approached for Bigg Boss apparently and he doesn’t mind being on the show anyway. His girlfriend was quite a stunner on the show and we are hoping he would do an equally great job. Let’s hope for the best.

Bigg Boss season 11 is about to begin from the end of September hopefully. Salman Khan has already shot for the promos and they are out! Season 11 has something to do with neighbours this time and will feature two different houses as well. What happens on the show will definitely be fun to watch. Hopefully it wont be as disappointing as last time.