Taimur Ali Khan's diet chart sounds impressive (Pic Courtesy: instagram)

Taimur Ali Khan is now about 10 months old and many changes have taken place in the little one’s life. His mother has now begun to work, and takes him along with her wherever she travels for her shooting (READ: Behind-the-scenes photos of ‘Veere Di Wedding’ are here & Kareena looks magnificent), and he has transitioned from his only-milk diet to eating solid foods.

In a recent interview, doting dad Saif Ali Khan shared Taimur’s daily schedule and his eating habits. “Taimur begins his mornings by listening to aarti. I have been leaving early for my shoots, so I have started waking him up at around 7. He finishes his feed — he has just started on solid foods — and we spend about 20 minutes together. I read to him or put on some music, or nursery rhymes,” he said.

(Pic Courtesy: Bollywood now)

Talking about which solid foods baby Taimur has been eating (everyone’s curious to know if, like celebs, even the lifestyle of this little one varies from children of the common man), Saif elaborated, “While most babies are given formula milk and even cerelac after crossing 6 months, Taimur was introduced to fruits and vegetables.”

Mashed pear (Pic for representational purpose only)

“The first time he ate food after milk was quite an adventure. We gave him dal and mixed potato and he was like hmmm (not bad). It was fun to feed him,” Saif was quoted as saying. “Currently, his favourite is mashed pear and carrots.”

Taimur Ali Khan with Kareena at the airport (Pic Courtesy: Instagram)

He further added, “If I return by 8 pm and he is awake, we spend another 20 minutes together. He begins his day with bhajans and ends his day by listening to Chopin and Tchaikovsky. Other than that, Taimur just, burps and farts all day, just like me.”


Will Kareena be cooking for Taimur? (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

Goss is also strong that Kareena Kapoor is taking keen interest in cooking for Taimur in order to feed him with the best food when he grows up. Kareena also recently spoke about how the little one has taken a liking for all things desi. And with the coming Diwali season, he might just enjoy some of the sweets too.

Kareena Kapoor on having Taimur taste Indian sweets on Diwali (Pic courtesy: freepressjournal)


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