Here’s how much money Karisma Kapoor got as ALIMONY after divorcing Sunjay Kapoor!

Sunjay Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor and her father (picture courtesy: dnaindia)

Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor got a divorce from her husband Sunjay Kapoor back in 2014 but very few of us know how the alimony part went down. Apparently Sunjay and Karisma had got into a big fight before the divorce case was finally closed. It has been said that the custody of their two children was also talked about a lot. Sunjay also accused Karisma of marrying him for his money which created a stir on social media. But now that all of that has settled and the two have moved on, let us tell about the alimony bit and how much Karisma got out of it.

Sunjay Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor and her father (picture courtesy: dnaindia)

As far as we know, Karisma got Sunjay’s fathers house in Khar in her name and had Sunjay buy bonds worth 14 crores for his children which attract a sum of 10 lakh rupees per month. Now that is quite expensive. Some news also said that Sunjay paid a total of 7 crores just to settle the matter down once and for all. We don’t know about Karisma but the kids are surely super rich.

Karisma has moved on now. She is apparently dating Sandeep Toshniwal whereas Sunjay might marry Priya Sachdev very soon.

Take a look at her wedding video below!


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