Varun Dhawan's reaction on Alia Bhatt took everyone by surprise (Pic Courtesy: indiatoday)

Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt have always shared such a fab camaraderie since half a decade that whenever they are in a single frame, they get along like a house on fire. Add to it the bond that they have, as they both debuted with the same film in Bollywood – theirs is a relation that can hardly be described in words.

Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan always get along like a house on fire (Pic Courtesy: bollywoodlife/instagram)

But what happened to Varun Dhawan when he was in an exclusive tete-a-tere with Neha Dhupia and said things about Alia Bhatt that we were least expecting him to say. While we were thinking that Badrinath would have all the sugary stuff in the world to describe his Dulhania, he rather took an unexpected U-turn on her!

When Neha asked him to share that one piece of advice he would like to dole out to his friend Alia Bhatt, he promptly replied,  “I don’t have any advice for Alia. I don’t wish to talk about her. That is what she deserves. I think she has almost everything pretty figured out. Can’t tell her much. I don’t want to talk about her! I don’t want her to steal my thunder.”

At this, we were rather surprised and kept wondering whether something went wrong between the two? While everyone thought that Varun got angry at Alia (the film industry people keep fighting a lot these days, no?), the actor took to Twitter to clarify that nothing has happened and that what he said was misconstrued. “Oh God this was sarcastically in a fun way. All is well,” he posted on his Twitter page.

In his chat with Neha, Varun just wanted to say that Alia is a girl with head over her heels and knows how to lead her life and if he gives her advice, she might probably get even better! Now, come on people, how can you always twist what these stars say about each other.

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Here’s a peek-a-boo of Varun’s chat with Neha Dhupia. An excited Neha recently shared this video on her Twitter page….

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