During a video chat with Trishala Dutt, Sanjay Dutt lighted up his cigarette (Pic Courtesy: Instagram/YouTube)

Sanjay Dutt is a smart father. While talking to his elder daughter Trishala Dutt, he could sense the meaning behind her expressions and her silence, and gave her the look a typical father gives to his child. That of ‘I know what you are hiding.’ But, during this ‘wise’ conversation of a father and a daughter, the actor lighted up too. Here’s why.

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Trishala Dutt, Sanjay’s daughter with his first wife Richa, lives with her aunt (masi, i.e. her late mother’s sister) in New York. She keeps in touch with dad Sanjay via phone calls and video calls. During one such recent video chat, Sanjay Dutt asked his daughter whether she is dating someone or not. (See pic below: Trishala does keep sharing stuff on her Insta that reflect she might be in a relationship)

? #mood

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While Trishala (perhaps) did not want to answer this question of her father, looks like dad Sanjay Dutt already knew the answer. And gave her that ‘I know what’s going on in your personal life’ look that only a parent can show to a child. But Sanjay Dutt lighted up his cigarette while showing her that expression, and began to smoke during the video chat. The lighting up was to show her that he knows a lot about ‘relationships’ et al more than his darling daughter.

Sanjay Dutt lighting up his cigarette while talking to Trishala Dutt via video chat (Pic Courtesy: Instagram)

Trishala was finding his expression rather hilarious, so shared this picture on her Instagram page, adding the caption, “The look I get when asked if I’m seeing anybody. All in good humour tho he’s kidding. Love u papa dukes. @dutt1 You always make me laugh and smile.” But since Sanjay was lighting up, and his photograph was in the public domain, the actor was at the receiving end of some real bad press — for not quitting the butt and also for doing it in front of his daughter.

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At the same time, many followers even showered in pleasantries on her Instagram page, saying stuff like, “In this case he is a hunk and you are his doll”, “Love that you bond with your father through long distance conversations”, “Sweet dad and daughter”, while some began to say that they are waiting to see Sanju baba onscreen.


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