Karan Singh Grover separated from his ex wife Jennifer Winget more than a year ago and called her the ‘biggest mistake of his life’. The TV actor who is now married to Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu accidentally liked Jennifer’s photo on social media and then quickly unliked it. Although Karan was hoping that nobody finds out, the internet still did and to add to his misfortuned, it dropped a bomb on social media. Scroll down to find out the shocking truth behind this incident.

Jennifer Winget (picture courtesy: instagram)

There could be several reasons as to why Karan liked Jennifer’s photo. Let’s go through three of our speculations:

First and foremost, it could be that he is still not completely over Jennifer. Several reports had told us earlier that his relationship with Bipasha is not going all that great. It could be a result of that.

Second, now that Jennifer has completely moved on and is doing so well in her career, Karan might have been taken aback. He probably didn’t expect the Beyhadh actress to do so well without him. So he probably stalked her Insta and without realising liked her photo. This could be done out of jealousy!

Third, he genuinely feels happy for the actress but at the same time he doesn’t want Bipasha to find out. Also since Jennifer has been so open about moving on, he felt that it could be a way for him to share a friendly relation with her.

Although we aren’t very sure how much of this is true, we definitely can assure you that Karan is trying in some way or the other to connect with Jennifer. But will the actress respond? Only time will tell that!

Till then, check out Jennifer reacted when Karan Singh Grover got married to Bipasha!

Jennifer Winget REACTS On Karan Singh Grover's Marriage

Jennifer Winget REACTS On Karan Singh Grover & Bipasha Basu's MarriageYou prefer KSG with Jennifer or Bipasha?

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