Salman Khan
Mistakes that you didn't notice while watching Tubelight

Tubelight is on its grossing spree with an average opening attracting viewers towards it. However, the film is getting a good response from all the Salman Khan’s fans but failed to impress critics. Besides this, just like every film, Tubelight also leaves some loopholes which nobody has noticed yet. Scroll down to reach them!

When was the concept of Softy introduced in the markets?
Salman Khan
Mistakes that you didn’t notice while watching Tubelight

The film Tubelight is set around 1962, thus, watching Matin and Salman eating softy is bizarre. According to the Softy’s history,  KWALITY Wall’s, a division of Hindustan Lever Ltd , launched softy ice cream only in September 2000 and Amul the second largest dairy farm in India too launched Ice cream at the same time. Now if softy was really popular among the youth as McDonald had already made softy a favourite amongst the young and old alike then how it can be available through the local vendors in remote areas?

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