Bollywood actor Salman Khan is well known for launching actresses. From Zareen Khan to Daisy Shah, Salman has been responsible for helping several girls get work in Bollywood. Not only does he have a soft corner for women in need but also likes to help those who call out to him. One such person in this case would be Iulia Vantur. The Romanian beauty who walked into bhai’s life a couple years back was doing item numbers in Bollywood. It was also said up till now that she was going to be launched by the Bollywood actor. Unfortunately the rumours have been rubbished and instead of her, another foreign actress will be launched in the coming year. Scroll down to find out who.

Salman Khan (left) and Katrina Kaif with sister Isabelle Kaif (right) (picture courtesy: pinkvilla)

Salman is planning on launching Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabelle Kaif in 2018. Katrina has herself requested the actor to help her sister get this big Bollywood break she has been waiting on for years. After all, it is only with Salman Khan that Katrina’s films were finally being appreciated. So maybe the actress thought that if something like that could be done with Isabel, her luck would shine too. However, we aren’t too sure as to how fans are going to look at Katrina’s sister. Here are some photos we found of her.

Isabelle Kaif (picture courtesy: Instagram)

Now there’s no doubt that Katrina’s sister is as beautiful as her. She has already worked in an international film before called Dr Cabbie and hopes to get launched in Bollywood as well. Isabel sure has big dreams and we hope that she makes them all come true.

Isabelle Kaif (picture courtesy: Instagram)

Isabelle as of now is working as a model. Her Instagram profile is complete proof. She is also a verified user which means people know her and she makes some good money on her own. In short, she is strong and independent just like Katrina and deserves a shot in Bollywood.

Isabelle Kaif with her elder sister Katrina Kaif during an award show (picture courtesy: Filmibeat)

Isabelle is also very supportive of her elder sister. It is said that when Kat when to the States for a performance, Isabel was present backstage helping and cheering her on for IIFA. She definitely is the sweetest thing and should get a good film signed soon. Bhai, we hope you are doing something for this budding beauty. She sure will rock the big screen like her big sister.

Isabelle Kaif and Salman Khan (picture courtesy: Instagram)

The best part is that she already knows Salman, has met him before and is comfortable around him too. In short, they are definitely going to make an amazing pair on the big screen!