Vogue India , May 2017 By @mariotestino With @kendalljenner

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Recently, Sushant Singh Rajput shared with his fans a glimpse of his photoshoot with famous American model and reality TV star Kendall Jenner. The special shoot for Vogue India’s May 2017 edition has the two of them, dressed in ethereal white, posing together with a lot of elegance and the right attitude (ALSO READ: This is how girlfriend Kriti Sanon reacted to Sushant Singh’s photoshoot with Kendall Jenner). While a deeply excited Sushant uploaded the photo on his Instagram page, Kendall Jenner’s Instagram page has absolutely no signs of this photoshoot at all. Here take a look at her page!

A screenshot of Kendall Jenner’s Instagram page


Kendall Jenner, who hardly keeps any of her pictures away from social media did not upload her Vogue shoot photos? SURPRISING, no? Also, a peek into her Instagram account showed that she’d rather have her semi-nude pics on her page rather than give her fans a glimpse of her encounter with a dapper Indian actor. But then, Sushant Singh Rajput is quite handsome, and when one is clicked by the globally acclaimed photographer Mario Testino, why keep the clicks under wraps?

Even Vogue’s Instagram page has those pics. Only Kendall is perhaps superior enough to not bother about them at all!


– Was Kendall compelled to do this photoshoot with Sushant?

– If not, why don’t we have any behind-the-scenes photos of the two bonding with each other during the shooting? We have those photos of all models and actors these days while they are at work? Mostly, they click selfies and introduce each other on their respective pages. Pee Cee and Deepika are welcomed with open hearts by their foreign counterparts, after all.

–  Let’s see whether she will share those photos at all on her page!

– All those stories of celebrities being all snooty  and picky – are they so true?

– She certainly needs to learn a thing or two about friendship, humility and modesty from people like Dwayne Johnson (who kept on gushing about Pee Cee on Twitter, and we kind of liked it a lot).

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