Amitabh Bachchan’s wife Jaya Bachchan has often shown her dislike towards her fans and paparazzi. The former actress over the years has insulted people several times for trying to take photos of her during events and shows. She has yelled at them, warned them not to flash lights at her and even publicly insulted them at times. Fans however, don’t pay much attention to what Mrs Bachchan feels like. They continue doing what makes them feel happy and this not only irks Jaya but also makes her react violently in public. Scroll down to see what happened when a young fan tried to take a selfie with her.

Jaya Bachchan yelling at a fan for taking photos of her (picture courtesy: youtube)

Jaya Bachchan was stepping out of an event recently and the crowd had surrounded her recently. Although Mrs Bachchan managed to get away easily, she met a young fan who tried to take a selfie with her. The person taking the photo seemed like there was no harmful intention at all. But Jaya being the angry old aunty that she is literally called the person ‘stupid’ in public making them look bad. Here’s a quick look at the video below.

ANGRY Jaya Bachchan INSULTS Fan For Taking Selfie

ANGRY Jaya Bachchan SHOUTS At A Fan For Taking Selfie

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Now we do understand that she doesn’t like too much attention but it isnt like people are harassing her. She is a celeb after all and that too a famous one. People will want to see more of her and we do expect her to a certain extent to understand her fans point of view as well. Last time, Mrs Bachchan had also shouted at the pandit who came for Esha Deol’s baby shower for trying to take selfies and now its this young fan who just wanted to capture a moment with Jaya. Seems like her fame has gone over her head!