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Television hottie Jennifer Winget is making headlines everyday and this time it’s her pay-scale for Beyhadh that is making news. The 32 year old actress is definitely reaching the peak of her career right now as her pay scale has been increased significantly. And it doesn’t end there. The makers of the show are so happy that they are offering her another serial with Harshad Chopra. Now how Jennifer takes her career from here is entirely upto here. Scroll down to read exclusive details about her pay scale.

Kushal Tandon and Jennifer Winget (picture courtesy: india)

So reports have confirmed that the Beyhadh actress is making one lakh rupees per episode. Miss Winget was earlier getting 80,000 for one episode which is similar to Mouni Roy’s pay but after her success as Maya in her current show, the makers have themselves given her a hike. We are sure Karan Singh Grover is going to regret not having Jennifer in his life. After all, he has no projects in hand and his ex wife is making almost 2 crores a year. Plus if you add her modelling contracts and other paid appearances, who knows how much she might be making?

Jennifer Winget’s bold photoshoot (picture courtesy: scoopnow)

Jennifer is definitely a great inspiration to all the young, single women right now. She was left by her husband over a year ago for another woman and while everyone thought she wasn’t make it back, the actress actually did and she’s a much better version of herself right now.

Take a look at her latest interview below.

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