Kabir Khan

We can hardly wait to catch Salman and Shah Rukh sharing the same screen space. It is going to be one golden moment for the audience in the theatre. During media interaction session, Tubelight director Kabir Khan spoke about Shah Rukh and Salman’s camaraderie. Kabir Khan revealed what happened on the sets when superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan shot for their only scene together in the movie. Tubelight releases on June 23.

Kabir Khan
A still from film Tubelight

“It was beautiful. These days they are close friends (laughs) so, there was a lot of warmth and affection. I have known Shah Rukh for years. He was the only one I knew when I came to Mumbai. We were in the same college (in Delhi), he was my senior in the film school, I studied from his notes. Gauri and I danced in stage productions. Obviously when we went to him, I told Salman that we should have Shah Rukh for the role.”

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Kabir further said, “Shah Rukh was ready in an instant. That day the entire crew became an audience. Everybody left their work and were watching the shoot. Just the energy of the two of them… Both of them are powerhouses and to see them after 20 years, it’s going to be a treat. You may or may not like the movie but that scene everybody will enjoy, because first, it is a very important scene, it is a very sweet scene and secondly, shooting it was a treat.”

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