Kangana Ranaut is one Bollywood actress who is afraid of literally nothing. On one side you have celebs who hide names when they talk about controversial topics and on the other hand you have Kangana Ranaut who doesn’t know how to hide anything. Be it Hrithik Roshan or Aditya Pancholi, this girl tore down each and every one who did her wrong during her latest appearance at Aap Ki Adalat. And those of you who were thinking that she’s done with it all… you are so wrong! Kangana attended a new interview with Bombay Times and she said quite a lot. She also talked about leaving her career in Bollywood. Scroll down to read what she said.

Kangana Ranaut during an interview (picture courtesy: youtube)

Kangana here seemed very upfront when it came to minding her own business. She revealed that she has her own personality and likes to speak her mind! She doesn’t care about what others might think of her. “It’s not even relevant to them either. I am an actor, I’ll get a job regardless. So anyone who thinks that a profession is above one’s character and dignity is just an idiot who doesn’t know how to live life. Life is not about tricks and techniques. Life is about finding yourself, and finding peace with that. The thing is, see, what is the definition of success? I want to ask a successful person. If you are crawled in your little hell hole, and you do not have a voice,you’re shit scared of losing whatever little you have earned in life, you are the most unsuccessful person in life” She continued by saying that she wants to let these people know that she is discovering herself right now. At the age of 30, she has learnt enough and she doesn’t want to subscribe to conventional roles ever woman usually plays with time. She is one of the highest paid actresses today and has won several awards so there is nothing she is afraid of. Scroll down to read what she said about leaving Bollywood.

Kangana Ranaut at Karan Johar’s show (picture courtesy: starworld

When Kangana was asked about how celebrities avoid talking about other celebs, the actress said “Being actors, if it is about our gender, about religion, about the debate of India’s struggles, the army fighting at the border why, for all this, do you show your back and why do you crawl into your little holes, why? If you can’t speak, beyond being an actor, beyond being a professional, you are a citizen of the nation, first and foremost. How dare this industry forget that? Their lives are very limited. And that’s why , like I said, I am more than happy to let go of this industry . And why? Because I don’t have an iota of respect for it. And they can tell. And that’s why they don’t like me. And my genuine reason for not liking this industry is very personal”