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Bollywood’s hottest mommy Kareena Kapoor has been dropping those extra kilos like a bomb in the past couple months. The 36 year old who is all set for her next Bollywood venture follows a very strict diet provided by dietician Rutuja Diwekar to stay in shape and drop the sizes at the same time. During a latest interview on Facebook, the diva openly talked about her eating habits and what’s keeping her so fit and healthy despite being a busy mom. Scroll down to find out.

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Kareena is quite a good girl when it comes to following a steady diet. The actress revealed that she eats all the vegetables at home. Not only that, baby Taimur is also given a share of mommy’s veggies. Whether its bitter gourd or any other veggie that we regard as boring, Kareena eats them all to stay fit and gorgeous. She also eats a lot of seasonal fruits like jamun, strawberries and cherries and advises all mommies to have nimbu paani early in the morning instead of tea or coffee. For breakfast, the actress sticks to having poha, eggs, toast and ajwain paratha. For lunch is dal chawal or curd rice. In short, she keeps it very healthy and delicious at the same time.

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The gym is also a must for Kareena. She in fact loves working out. Gyming according to her is not about fitness and weight loss. It’s all about feeling good. She herself started working out 50 days after delivering Taimur and loves the idea of working out with her friends too. Kareena also had quite a few tips for all the mommies. She spoke about the basic foods she stuck to during her pregnancy. From idli chutney to til ke laddoo, daal chawal, chakli, dates, Khichdi and nutmeg milk shake, she took all of them. Also, she clarified on her love for ghee and how she will also make sure Taimur is eating enough of it as a baby boy. Cute!

Kareena, overall, has definitely done quite an impressive job. She has already lost 12 kilos and is not far away from the finishing line. With the way she’s going, there’s no doubt she’s going to get back to her slim shape soon. Check out her whole interview with Facebook below.

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Kareena, Rujuta and #pregnancynotes

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